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Hi there! This is the official club TeenGirlz.com 's website. This is no more a mini-magazine, but a website for what's going on in the club, contests, interviews, gossip & whatsoever. However, the past two issues of the mini-magazine will not be deleted. So, I hope you enjoy your stay! See ya!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

3 New Hairstyles for EVERYONE!

Go to "Style my MeDoll" & choose the hair icon. Click short hair, and 1 sassy updo & 1 simple short straight hair is there. Then click long hair, and you'll see a long wavy hair tied at the back . Have fun with your new hairstyles!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Latest Newz - 3 IN 1 COMP!

That's right, it's another comp. But not just any comp, a wonderfully random comp. I've created a NEW rule -- minimum 5 entries per comp; if not the comp will be cancelled. Antother one, pls sign up. I'm doing all this because of you guys! You like to enter comps, right? Then here's your chance!

1.Princess of the Month (For July)
2.Story Writing
3.Slogan Finder

*Further details are given in each Comp Topic. If you hv any questions about these comps, contact me, Fia_fantasy at once! Ok, toodles!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

::Special Features::

If you won my club's monthly contests, you may get access to special features. Wondering what it is? Read more!

1.Your username & MeDoll Pic will be at the club's presentation.

2.You get to be in a scenery with the other contest winner.

3.You will be interviewed by me & the interview will be shown here. (optional)

4.Suite chat with me! (optional)

*That's about it! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

June 08' Comp - No entries at all???

Okay, so here's the thing. Chanel-Paris has volunteered to held the June 08' Comp. So, I say "Go ahead". But what really dissapoint me is nobody, I repeat NOBODY wanted to enter (yet!). Should I delete the comp? She hasn't told me anything about the prizes yet either. *sigh* So, I hope you'll comment whether to delete it OR not. Pls & thks.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Hello there! Welcome to the second issue of TeenGirlz.com Mini-Magazine a.k.a. the June '08 Issue. So, do you like this waterfall pic? I bet you do! Isn't it so full of nature? As I was saying,for this issue, we have added a lot of new stuff and even 2 new segments!(Yay!) Go read it in What's New? to find out more and there's a surprise waiting for YOU! I hope you like our improvement. In addition,everyone knows that Father's Day is coming up so what are you planning for your dad? Well, all I can say is good luck and try to make your dad happy ALL the time and make him feel grateful to have you guys as his son/daughter, okay? Same goes with your mum. Well, I guess the chitter-chatter stops here. Farewell then, till we meet again! =)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

What's New?

Hola! We meet again. Based on the previous issue, "It's Drama" and "Lyric Machine" have now been added to this issue and upcoming issues.. Now let's get the scoop about what's new!

1.StarDesign Textile:
For all you fashion lovers, Stardoll has launched it's new StarDesign Textile in Starplaza. It's fun to play and you could even buy your OWN, ORIGINAL designs! Isn't that great? Unfortunately most of it is expensive based on the outfit type but look at the bright side! Stardoll now has improve...

2.Model Contest:
Since we now have our own club Mini-Mag, I as the editor will give you girls a chance to be models in the segment "Today's Pick!". All you have to do is save your MeDoll in your album according to the theme given starting from the July Issue! For more details, please refer to Fia_fantasy.

3.No stardollars?!
I've read the official stardoll magazine The Show and found out that we won't earn stardollars anymore when we reach certain starpoint levels! This is horrible! We will only earn Stardollars with the current 1 Day 1 Stardollar programme and Superstar Memberships ONLY! What will happen to Non-Superstars?!

4. Lyric Machine Requests
You can now request lyrics of any song and I'll try my best to publish it. Thank you.

Today's Pick!

I know every single one you love jeans! Generally, jeans are ALWAYS in style. You can wear jeans almost anywhere you like. However, there are certain places that jeans are not welcomed or not suitable to wear at like for example, to high tea, a dance and whatsoever..Jeans also comes in many types such as skinny jeans, retro jeans, long skirts, mini-skirts, jackets, capris, and other types too. Mostly, jeans comes in dark blue, light blue, black, and white. There are a few other jean colours but it's very rare. I've to share to with you one tip, TOO many jean stuff in one outfit makes a mess. Yeah, I've been there. You can match jeans with anything because it matches everything! Up there are a few sketches of jean items that I've drawn myself. Check it out ! Now, here are a few tips for you :
1. Jeans ( trousers ) - will look better if you know the right top to match it with and add a few flairs e.g. glitter
2.Capris are good. So are tank tops & hoodies. You just have to mix-and-match them with a pair of capris and voila!
3. Jean skirts are a must for us. So, to look better, just wear it with a blouse or cardigan!
4.Jean jackets - add a little sparkle to it and you can match 'em with anything! Cool, huh?
NOTE: I hope these tips will help you in your daily lives. Thanks for reading...